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Zanele Mabaso
Zanele Mabaso

My vision for JuPHASA is that of an organization that is highly recognized in the national health community as a leading constituency of young health professionals committed to harnessing the demographic dividend, achieving health outcomes and contributing to the creation of a new generation of young people that are well informed to live healthier, responsible and improved lives.

(A constituency of youth health professionals committed to the promotion of health issues, actively engaged in the provision of game changing interventions; grounded in belief of the principle of accountability to hold nation government, private, civil society sectors rationally accountable to delivering health targets, through the support of the academic sector.)

To realize this, I aim to assist in the following ways:

1. Realigning the core vision, mission, objectives and aims of PHASA to the JuPHASA constituency
2. Developing guidelines and toolkits to influence policy & decision makers and to utilize for advocacy for JuPHASA members and Campus Coordinators to effectively address issues & promote health within universities, schools and sectors dominated by youth in all levels, including in marginalized areas.
3. Developing a focused Annual Working Plan of activities to implement during the course of our term, which will ensure we achieve efficient, impact driven results
4. Contributing to the monitoring and evaluation of the constituencies goals to ensure sustainable development, transformation and impact are achieved through planned activities and members are engaged & retained
5. Assist in the mapping out of networks and platforms for national advocacy and foster the creation of youth engagement opportunities within these areas.


Zanele is an ardent policy adviser, women & girls health advocate and writer with published articles on Girls Globe, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, SkyNews24 and the World Health Organization (WHO) Bulletin, with a focus on HIV Prevention, Adolescents Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Gender Equality and Gender-based Violence.

Youth Advisory to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) South Africa, Ms Mabaso was elected Youth Representative of the UNFPA SYP Program’s Regional Steering Committee, the National ASRHR Framework Strategy Technical Committee, Technical Task Team to National Youth Alliance and The Partnership on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health’s SO4 Community of Practice Steering Committee. She has meaningfully engaged in numerous national, regional and global high-level consultations, serving on the Youth & Adolescents Advisory Boards of the Prenatal HIV Research Unit and Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute, respectively.

Her advocacy has lead to active participation in the Government of SA/UNFPA Country Programme’s National Coordination Forum, The Africa Regional Stakeholders Consultations on the United Nations Secretary General’s 2016-2030 Global Strategy on Women, Children and Adolescents, The Partnership on RMNCH&A Youth & Adolescents Strategic Consultations and the United Nations Commission on Population and Development 48th Session at the UN Headquarters.

She’s an avid social entrepreneur & development consultant, having established the Young Social Entrepreneurs Academy and elected as the National Board Chair of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs network in South Africa. Zanele strongly believes that the recognition of social entrepreneurship as a solution to pressing socioeconomic challenges is vital, where – amongst other interventions – social entrepreneurship is key to responding to socio determinants of health and providing game changing solutions to tackle healthcare issues affecting millions living in poverty in the African continent & diaspora.

She’s previously worked closely with youth-led organizations, serving as the Vice President of the Junior Chamber International and Shaper at the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, in Gauteng. Her servitude leadership has lead to strings of notable recognition by M&G Top 200 Young South Africans (2015), Top 20 Inspirational Youth in South Africa (2015), Top 35 Under 35 CEO’s Shaping the Future of Africa (2014), Top 100 Brightest Young Minds (2013), amongst others. *Zanele currently resides in Cape Town, pursuing her postgraduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch.


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