Tag: Social Media

Facebook page Health Economics Unit UCT

The Facebook page for the Health Economics Unit (University of Cape Town) has just been launched.

LinkedIn group Public Health Africa

A new group has just been formed at LinkedIn for professionals in public health, especially in African countries.

Social Media: revolutionizing public health and climate change

Public Health and climate change in sub Saharan Africa are at a crossroads; one cannot progress without the other but we continue to be blinded by this fact at our peril. Today, there is no other solution other than tackling the growing urgency ¬– of the public health climate change manifold crisis ¬– by looking at more innovative solutions to enhance social discourse. Everyone can and should take part in changing their future today. Facebook, Twitter and all the other Web 2.0 social media are a growing medium for many concerned citizens who feel enraged and empowered enough to take action against poor leadership.


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