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Statement by the WFPHA and the EUPHA on the Refugee Crisis

Please read the statement on the refugee crisis, jointly developed by the WFPHA and EUPHA and presented at the European Public Health Conference in Milan, Italy on October 15th 2015.

Refugees from Somalia, Iran and Afghanistan in the Netherlands: health over time after resettlement

Little is known about how resettlement impacts health of refugees in Europe, and more specifically, which factors contribute to physical and mental health improvements of refugees after resettling in a West European country. In the Netherlands, the practical situation for refugees changes dramatically at the moment of getting a residence status. In which way do those important changes affect the mental and general health of refugees after resettlement in Dutch municipalities? This study tried to fill the gap in evidence on the course of health and health care utilisation after resettlement.

Displaced, homeless and abused: The dynamics of sexual and physical abuses of homeless Zimbabweans in South Africa.

A study has been conducted among homeless Zimbabwean refugees in Polokwane, to assess the nature of sexual/physical and gender-based abuse (SPGBV) experienced by them and to see who are the perpetrators. The study showed that rape and sexual harassments were common and perpetrators were mainly border and police officers. More findings, their implications and recommendations are discussed in the article.


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