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MSF doctor from South Africa writes about her Ebola experiences

Indira Govender, Public Health Medicine specialist from South Africa, writes about her experience working in a Ebola zone in Sierra Leone.

A District Public Health Unit: experiences and lessons learnt from Ekurhuleni

Preventative/Community/Public Health Medicine (PHM) is recognized as a medical specialty that primarily strives to improve population health while also strengthening health system effectiveness and service delivery through its focus on Comprehensive Primary Health Care and Health Systems Management. Therefore the inclusion in the 2011 national Human Resources for Health Strategy of district and provincial Public Health Units (PHUs) headed by PHM specialists and with other cadres of public health professionals in the health services seems to neatly dovetail into this perspective. This brief narrative explores the experiences of both authors over the last five years culminating in the Ekurhuleni district PHU.

Collaboration to provide Public Health expertise to a provincial health department: The Western Cape story

The aim of the Healthcare 2010 strategy in the Western Cape was to substantially improve the quality of the health service to impact on population health outcomes. It proposed the establishment of a Public Health Unit (PHU) within the Division: District Health Services (DHS) and Programmes. The aim of this unit was to plan, lead, organize and coordinate the provision of Public Health expertise to the entire department in line with key strategic objectives and priorities. This article discusses the engagement of the department with academic institutions leading to setting up the PHU as well as the successes and challenges of this project.

What is Public Health to me as a student?

I would like to say that public health (PH) is the most important part of medicine that is ignored. If as a country we could embrace the concepts of PH and use them to solve the country’s health problems we would have won the war against poor health outcomes.

Public Health Medicine as a profession – Perspectives of Registrar

Being a registrar in the Discipline of Public Health Medicine has offered me the opportunity to work in an exciting and constantly evolving multidisciplinary environment.

Update on the PHASA Special Interest Groups

This article reports on the meetings held by the Special Interest Groups during the 2010 conference.


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