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Workshops at PHASA 2015

The key messages of some of the workshops organised on the first day of the conference are presented here.

SIG meetings at PHASA 2015

The key messages of two of the Special Interest Group meetings held during the conference are presented here.

PHILA awardees

This year’s winners of the PHILA awards are Prof Maila John Matjila and Prof Eric Buch.

New PHASA exec members

During the Annual General Meeting at the 2015 conference new members of the executive committee of PHASA were elected.


During the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM), held during the conference (8 October 2015), several presentations were given.

Testing educational tools for Public Health learning in the Health Sciences curricula in Africa

There is a need to capture the interest of medical students and to communicate the relevance of the inclusion of Public Health in the medical curriculum. There appears to be a lack of such educational tools – and evaluations of their effectiveness – in the public health arena and more so in the undergraduate environment. One possible strategy to improve the learning about PH in the undergraduate medical curriculum is to test educational tools that have been successfully used elsewhere.

Key speeches / presentations/panel discussions at PHASA 2015

Some key speeches / presentations / panel discussions held at the PHASA 2015 conference can be accessed here.

Video on the PHASA conference

The Health Chronicle disseminated a short video on the PHASA 2015 conference.


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