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Students sow seeds at JuPHASAsymposium – also join JuPHASA

Integral student research presented at the 1st JuPHASA Student Symposium in 2013 contributes to the South African NDoH’s research on clinic staff’s knowledge about the NHI.

Public health competencies of facility managers

Health Systems Trust conducted a study to assess the general management and public health competencies of PHC facility and other sub-district level managers.

PHILA Award ceremony

The PHILA Lifetime Achievement Awards was presented to Prof John Gear at the recent PHASA conference.

New platform for PHASA and AFPHA students

National and international medical and public health students assembled at the first ever PHASA and AFPHA student symposium.

New PHASA exec members

During the Annual General Meeting at the conference new members of the executive committee of PHASA were elected and here they present themselves.

PHASA Conference: Workshop on whether African governments invest sufficiently in Public Health Capacity

At the coming PHASA conference in Cape Town a workshop will debate and discuss how to increase the investment by African governments in public health and capacity building.

PHASA Student Congress

This will take place as a satellite event to the main PHASA conference on 24 September 2013 at the Cape Town International Conference Centre.


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