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The PHASA conference from the perspective of undergraduate medical students

For the first time undergraduate medical students showcased their research at the conference and this is a report of their experience.

Unleashing the power of communities to confront health inequity

This article presents the Letsema–circle–model”, a model that enables citizens to meaningfully participate in resolving challenges in their communities. It suggests that resolving health inequities relies on citizens taking up active roles and responsibilities in their respective communities. The model is founded on four critical components that should trigger change in attitude and behaviour at individual and societal level and which are discussed in this article. It is envisaged that the use of the “Letsema-circle-model” will result in communities actively engaging in resolving challenges arising in their midst.

What public health actions are needed in African countries to confront health inequalities?

In this article, based on the keynote address at the 7th PHASA conference 2011, the progress that African countries have made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals are discussed. The gaps that need to be addressed will be identified, challenges discussed and public health actions that could contribute to redress the existing gaps and inequalities will be presented.

PHC re-engineering in South Africa: are we making progress?

From recent pronouncements made by the Department of Health (DOH) it would appear that the DOH has recently discovered primary health care (PHC), or at worst recently re-discovered PHC. The work to strengthen PHC builds on the good practices that existed in the past but also provides greater focus as well as greater political support for PHC.A three stream priority approach to re-engineering of PHC was adapted. These three streams are: Deployment of ward based PHC outreach teams; Strengthening school health services; and Deployment of district based clinical specialist teams. The latest development on the PHC re-engineering projects are presented here.

Workshops at the 2011 PHASA conference

The key messages of the 8 workshops organised on the first day of the conferences are presented here.

New PHASA exec members

During the Annual General Meeting at the conference new members of the executive committee of PHASA were elected and here they present themselves.

Oral presentation prize winners

The first and second prize winners share their experiences of the PHASA conference.

Association for Thais in South Africa

During the 2011 conference ATSA raised funding for the victims of the floods in Thailand.

PHASA Special Interest Groups: Registrars and Dental Public Health

On the 28th of November 2011, the PHASA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) had meetings at the conference and here they present themselves.


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