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Call for papers: Non-Communicable Disease in Africa and the Global South

Health Education & Behavior (HE&B) seeks to publish a special issue of the journal focused on global health promotion science, policy and practice that addresses non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Africa.

June 2013 issue SACEMA Quarterly

The new issue of the SACEMA Quarterly is out and is dedicated to SACEMA’s annual ‘research days’ event and other SACEMA related work.

World health statistics 2012

The World health statistics 2012 report puts the spotlight on the growing problem of the noncommunicable diseases burden.

Non-communicable Diseases: reframing the conversation on health

The UN general assembly summit in September helped focus the world on the threat posed to economic development by four conditions – cancer, heart disease, diabetes and chronic lung disease. This is surprisingly true even in a middle income country like South Africa (SA). The economic impact of chronic conditions on the workforce and their productivity, and the cost to the health system is already enormous and without serious attention is set to balloon. The advent of significant resources to address this burgeoning epidemic seems unlikely. In an era when donor funding is shrinking, the envelope for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) could even decline as the SA government assumes greater fiscal responsibility for HIV/TB. This article discusses the burden of disease and disability in SA, the risk factors for NCDs in the country, possible interventions and the affordability.

New regulations on cancer notification in South Africa

In April 2011, new regulations for the registration of cancers were promulgated. These regulations make it compulsory for every health care worker who has diagnosed a new case of cancer to notify the case on the prescribed form. The regulations make provision for the establishment of a population-based cancer registry. This articles discusses the role of the National Cancer Registry, Health Care Workers and Public Health Practitioners in the registration of cancer cases and the subsequent management and analysis of the data.


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