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NHI White Paper Released and comments requested

White paper outlines universal health system for South Africa.

Students sow seeds at JuPHASAsymposium – also join JuPHASA

Integral student research presented at the 1st JuPHASA Student Symposium in 2013 contributes to the South African NDoH’s research on clinic staff’s knowledge about the NHI.

The Big Debate on NHI

The Big Debate series on SABC asked whether National Health Insurance is the medicine that we need to cure our sick health system.

Addressing staff shortages in public hospitals: a role for clinical associates?

Recent news headlines have highlighted the shortage of doctors in public hospitals, especially in disadvantaged areas. There is no doubt that more doctors need to be trained and recruited into the public sector. But are these strategies sufficient to solve the shortage of hospital staff with skills to diagnose patients’ problems and implement treatment? How long will it take to fill all the public sector’s vacant posts? And how much will it cost? Clinical associates have the potential to bring good quality hospital care closer to communities in a way that is affordable for the country. Along with other initiatives they could help to strengthen the public sector, and extend its coverage, as envisaged by the National Health Insurance policy.

South African National Health Assembly

On 5 and 6 July, the People’s Health Movement is hosting the South African National Health Assembly in alliance with the National Health Insurance Coalition.

Article: The NHI: a revolution in health-care delivery!

This article published in the Journal of Public Health gives a brief overview of the Green Paper on the National Health Insurance policy of South Africa


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