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WFPHA survey on MDGs

Let the WFPHA now via this survey whether and how, from your perspective, the MGDs have been achieved in your country.

World Malaria Day 25 April 2012

The theme “Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria” marks a decisive juncture in the history of malaria control: Whether the malaria map will keep shrinking or be reclaimed by the malaria parasites, depends on the resources that will be invested in control efforts.

What public health actions are needed in African countries to confront health inequalities?

In this article, based on the keynote address at the 7th PHASA conference 2011, the progress that African countries have made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals are discussed. The gaps that need to be addressed will be identified, challenges discussed and public health actions that could contribute to redress the existing gaps and inequalities will be presented.

Maternal mortality and morbidity – still not right

Maternal death (death during pregnancy or less than 42 days after the end of a pregnancy) is the outcome measure that causes serious concern to public health authorities and maternity care clinicians. No health outcome shows such large discrepancies between rich and poor nations. The burden of maternal mortality and morbidity remains unacceptably high in South Africa. MDG 5a – the reduction of maternal mortality by 75% from 1990 to 2015 – will most likely not be achieved in South Africa. However, some reduction in the maternal mortality rate can be expected if the HIV and AIDS treatment rollout and the ten key recommendations can be properly implemented.


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