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Reversing the HIV epidemic in South Africa: an insider’s view?

South African communities have been significantly affected by HIV/AIDS. Whilst we have made some progress in arresting the epidemic, there are still far too many new infections and far too many people not on treatment and being initiated on treatment too late. The task of reaching the MDG targets and our NSP targets depends on an enhanced whole of society response. The Department of Health is ready to scale up our response as outlined in this article.

Transiting from MDGs to SDGs and Post-2015 Developmental Agenda: Continuity or Transformation?

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have passed and the post-2015 has dawned upon us whereby we have to renew and rename our developmental goal’s vows in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Post-2015 developmental agenda. Africa still lags behind in achieving envisaged developmental goals, particularly health related developmental goals. It is therefore timely to ask, is it authentic for the African continent to agree and set goals on a ground that maintains, or even better, sustains the current status quo of inequity and inaccessibility? Or should we not seek transformation of the inherited legacies and structures in order to progressively combat the challenges we are faced with?

Getting to the Last Mile – diagonal approach and pathways for improving maternal and child health outcomes in South Africa

South Africa is committed to reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for maternal and child health. Over the last few years, the country has made tremendous progress in improving the health outcomes for women and children across the country. However, the country still faces various challenges in reaching the targets as outlined in the Government plans as well as the MDGs. Using a diagonal approach, a strategy in which we use explicit intervention priorities to drive the required improvements into the health system, dealing with such generic issues as human resource development, financing, facility planning, drug supply, rational prescription, and quality assurance, will be important to reach the goals set.

MDG Health Conference

The University of Venda, School of Health Sciences organises its 2nd International Conference from 1 to 03 July 2014.

4th Child Health Priorities conference

The conference theme is Getting back to basics: Child Health in 2013 and it is being held from 31 October-2 November at the Wits Medical School, Johannesburg.

What public health actions are needed in African countries to confront health inequalities?

In this article, based on the keynote address at the 7th PHASA conference 2011, the progress that African countries have made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals are discussed. The gaps that need to be addressed will be identified, challenges discussed and public health actions that could contribute to redress the existing gaps and inequalities will be presented.


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