Tag: Health Inequity

Unleashing the power of communities to confront health inequity

This article presents the Letsema–circle–model”, a model that enables citizens to meaningfully participate in resolving challenges in their communities. It suggests that resolving health inequities relies on citizens taking up active roles and responsibilities in their respective communities. The model is founded on four critical components that should trigger change in attitude and behaviour at individual and societal level and which are discussed in this article. It is envisaged that the use of the “Letsema-circle-model” will result in communities actively engaging in resolving challenges arising in their midst.

1st International symposium on Health and Research development to address health inequity

This symposium, as well as the 3rd WFPHA West Pacific Regional Conference on Public Health, will be held from November 16-18 2011 in Bali, Sanur Paradise.


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