Tag: Gender-Based Violence

Displaced, homeless and abused: The dynamics of sexual and physical abuses of homeless Zimbabweans in South Africa.

A study has been conducted among homeless Zimbabwean refugees in Polokwane, to assess the nature of sexual/physical and gender-based abuse (SPGBV) experienced by them and to see who are the perpetrators. The study showed that rape and sexual harassments were common and perpetrators were mainly border and police officers. More findings, their implications and recommendations are discussed in the article.

Dismantling the Chain: The Link between Gender-based Violence and HIV in South African Women

HIV behavioural research and prevention efforts targeted at South African women has focused on increasing gender equality and reducing gender-based violence. We examined whether alcohol use and mental health problems (depression and posttraumatic stress) explained the link between experiencing violence and HIV in South African women. It was shown that alcohol use, but not depression or posttraumatic stress, explained the link between violence and unprotected sex. Women who have ever experienced physical or sexual abuse were more likely to report drinking more alcohol, and drinking more was predictive of more unprotected sex. Thus, it is important to not only address gender-based violence, it is necessary to also address subsequent alcohol use among women in South Africa.

Call for applications 2012/2013 fellowship programme

This fellowship programme is designed to support new leaders who will contribute to the development of effective approaches that reduce the spread and impact of HIV & AIDS and gender-based violence.

Chief of Party and Team Leader, Awareness and Advocacy

BroadReach Healthcare is currently recruiting for two full time positions for an upcoming USAID-funded proposal bid in South Africa to combat gender-based violence, particularly sexual assault.


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