Tag: Epidemiology

September 2013 issue SACEMA Quarterly

The new issue of the SACEMA Quarterly is out covers articles on PreP, interviewing techniques, early ART, and “Tik” abuse.

Course: Data collection and capture

This course provides students with guidance on data collection, validation and quality assurance methods and processes.

MSc in Clinical Epidemiology 2014

This 2-year part time programme will be of interest to those seeking a sound understanding of advanced scientific concepts and rigorous training in the use of epidemiological methods in health care.

MSc in Epidemiology (MSc) in Research Data Management

Wits School of Public Health invites applications for admission in 2014 to this new programme.

Seminar in Advanced Epidemiological Methods

HE2RO announces a new short course, Master’s/Doctoral Level Seminar in Advanced Epidemiological Methods, 19-23 August 2013, Stellenbosch.

Inaugural meeting of the Southern African Clinical Epidemiology Association

SACEA will aim e.g. to promote the science and practice of Clinical Epidemiology, develop the scope of practice for Clinical Epidemiologists, benchmark and standardise Clinical Epidemiology education and training programmes.

Wits School of Public Health Short Courses 2013

The courses focus on the conduct of clinical trials and the detailed understanding of epidemiology of diseases in developing countries where resources are limited, coupled with statistical analyses of data collected during clinical trials.

June 2013 issue SACEMA Quarterly

The new issue of the SACEMA Quarterly is out and is dedicated to SACEMA’s annual ‘research days’ event and other SACEMA related work.

South African Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programme: Call for applicants – 2014 intake

The SAFELTP is requesting applications for the incoming 2014 class from qualified health professionals with an interest in public health and commitment to public service.

Introductory Short Course in Epidemiology

HE2RO announces a new short course, Introductory Epidemiology, 24-28 June 2013, Johannesburg


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