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Reducing Mercury from the Environment: An Assessment of Dental Amalgam

The aim of this paper is to emphasize the necessity of tackling mercury pollution in dentistry and to underline the ease in which this can be done.

Lekgotla in Environmental Health

The main purpose of this Lekgotla was to come up with a collaborative action plan to inform the future planning of environmental health services in the country.

Could Public Health Benefits Make Combating Climate Change Free?

Climate change threatens human health, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions may help our medical well-being, too. Taking public health into account can help in different ways to mitigate climate change.

Woman in Public Health: Prof Angela Mathee

Interview with Prof Angela Mathee, head of the Medical Research Council’s Environment & Health Research Unit and her main research interests are exposure to lead amongst South African children and urban housing and health.

Senior scientist / Specialist scientist in Johannesburg

The Environment and Health Research Unit of the MRC seeks candidates with skills in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Asthma and air pollution: The need for a broader public health response

In light of the growing global emphasis on management of the rising burden of non-communicable diseases, including asthma, public health professionals in South Africa should undertake action.

African Young Scientists Initiative on Climate Change and Indigenous Knowledge

From 15 –17 August 2011 an International Student Conference on Climate Change and Indigenous Knowledge Systems will be held in Johannesburg.

Africa needs to deal with health impacts of climate change

At the 5th Conference of African Union Ministers of Health it was highlighted that placing health impacts central in the climate debate is essential.

Tackling climate change: Putting health at the heart of the action

The health impacts of climate change are well documented. The same is true of the impacts on basic human rights – food, water, shelter, safety, freedom and justice. It is nearly always the most disadvantaged people who are most vulnerable to climate-induced threats. If carbon reduction can be managed in an equitable way across the globe, with fair support for emerging economies, sustainable progress can be made whilst helping poorer countries achieve their Millennium Goals. This article discusses the role of the health sector in carbon reduction and the role of health professionals as advocates for greener healthcare and lifestyles.

Social Media: revolutionizing public health and climate change

Public Health and climate change in sub Saharan Africa are at a crossroads; one cannot progress without the other but we continue to be blinded by this fact at our peril. Today, there is no other solution other than tackling the growing urgency ¬– of the public health climate change manifold crisis ¬– by looking at more innovative solutions to enhance social discourse. Everyone can and should take part in changing their future today. Facebook, Twitter and all the other Web 2.0 social media are a growing medium for many concerned citizens who feel enraged and empowered enough to take action against poor leadership.


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