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Novel on mental illness published as ebook

The novel ‘One Green Bottle’ about mental illness, is now available as a kindle ebook.

Book: Global Population Health and Well- Being in the 21st Century

The book/text promotes innovative and transformative paradigms for global public health practice, curricula, workforce training, and leadership.

One Green Bottle – continues to be a success

One Green Bottle is a fictionalised account of one woman’s experience with mental illness and the rigours of her treatment through the South African psychiatric services.

Contemporary Psychiatry in Africa

This book serves as a departure point for ongoing efforts to refine practice in accordance with the best practice and local needs.

New Book on Transforming Medical Education

The book raises awareness about the growing importance of public and global health, primary health care and the need for greater collaboration among the developed and the developing worlds.

New book: Social determinants approaches to public health: from concept to practice

The WHO released a publication containing 13 case studies focussing on the implementation of public health programmes that are addressing social determinants.


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