SAFETP constituted an Epidemiology Working Group at PHASA 2013. The Epidemiology Special Interest Group will pursue some of the activities of the Epidemiology Working Group such as (1) reviewing a rapid appraisal of current epidemiology training in SA.

A network of epidemiologists, researchers, academics and students in different institutions around South Africa, including the health system, universities, NGOs, research and health professional organisations, and civil society organisations.

Goal of the Epidemiology SIG
The purpose of this special interest group is to promote application of epidemiologic research and methods in understanding South Africa’s major public health problems and raise the profile of epidemiology within PHASA and wider public health community in South African and beyond.
Why join Epidemiology SIG?
• Network with other epidemiologists.
• Have an impact on national health policy supported by PHASA.
• Participate in Epidemiology SIG leadership.
• Influence the Epidemiology SIG activities at the PHASA Annual Meeting.
• Network with regional and international epidemiological associations

How to join this group
Any PHASA member is welcome to join the Epidemiology SIG. To register as a PHASA member, complete the online registration form and select the Epidemiology SIG under the special interest groups section. Existing PHASA members who did not sign-up for the SIG during their initial registration can update their profiles on the PHASA website.

There are no news items listed on this SIG.

There are no news items listed on this SIG.

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