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Dr Harsha Somaroo

Organisation: WITS School of Public Health Email: - Executive Chairs And Committees - Advocacy CommitteeExecutive - Vice President

Harsha Somaroo is a Public Health Medicine Specialist, committed to protecting and improving health, healthcare, and health equity. She currently holds a joint appointment post at the Department of Community Health, at the University of the Witwatersrand’s School of Public Health, and Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital. Her professional and academic qualifications include a medical degree, a Fellowship in Public Health Medicine, a Masters of Medicine in Public Health Medicine, a Master of Science in Epidemiology, and a Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management.

She has been involved with various aspects of clinical care and public health systems’ management; and believes that improvements both within and outside the health system are essential to improve the quality of healthcare and health equity. Within the health care sector, she wants to influence changes related to enhancing clinical and corporate governance, and overall health systems strengthening. Outside the health care system, she wants to work to promote actions to address the social determinants of health and to foster heightened social conscientisation among all South Africans.

She views PHASA as a multi-disciplinary organisation of individuals who are all ultimately advocating for greater health equity in South Africa. She is keen to support the association amplify its collective voice in order to advocate for improved healthcare and health equity, to improve links between relevant organisations, to enhance knowledge sharing on significant issues, and to capacitate the diverse membership in order to harness individual strengths and further develop areas of public health interest.


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