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Gail D. Hughes

Organisation: University of Western Cape Email: - SIG - Sig Chair (Integrative, Complementary, Alternative and Traditional Health Practice)

My name is Gail D. Hughes and I am a Professor and the Director of the South African Herbal Science and Medicine Institute (SAHSMI) at the University of Western Cape (UWC) in Bellville, South Africa. At the Institute, we are focused on scientifically and clinically unlocking the value of traditional medicine and the interface of indigenous knowledge systems with medicine and public health. I have more than 20 years of public health experience with training as an epidemiologist. My experience spans various work sectors: government, NGO, pharmaceutical industry, academic and as an international consultant in more than 20 countries. In addition, I have served in numerous
leadership capacities.

My interest is the integration of both conventional and traditional medicine (indigenous knowledge systems) to promote healthy lifestyles and for prevention, treatment and maintenance of noncommunicable diseases/conditions; while ensuring safety and efficacy.

As an Executive Committee Member of PHASA, my goal is to contribute towards translational research into strong and progressive policy, practice and advocacy. In addition, I would
like to ensure that the next generation of public health professionals/practitioners are encouraged, supported and become leaders for PHASA, public health in South Africa and
beyond! I am looking forward to serving as an Executive Committee Member to PHASA and its╩╝ constituents for an enriching and productive term.


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