PHASA wants to build an association to promote greater equity in health in South Africa.

PHASA advocates equitable access to the basic conditions necessary to achieve health for all South African as well as equitable access to effective health care. PHASA will work with other public health associations and related organisations and advocate on national and international issues that impact on the conditions for a healthy society.

PHASA has the following objectives:

  • To advocate for the conditions for a healthy society
  • To build an effective organisation
  • To create a multi-disciplinary environment of professional exchange and debate, study and activity through meetings, conferences and workshops for interested people
  • To promote teaching and research in public health issues
  • To support the publication of relevant materials
  • To network with other public health organisations and related organisations
  • To encourage and facilitate measures for disease prevention and health promotion



PHASA Executive

atiya-mosamPosition: Secretary

Nominee for re-election: Dr Atiya Mosam

Dr Atiya Mosam is a proudly South African medical doctor that loves all things Jozi. She completed her medical degree in 2007 at the University of the Witwatersrand and worked for the Johannesburg Metro District Health Services at Mofolo Community Health Centre in Soweto before joining the School of Public Health as a Public Health Medicine Registrar in 2015. She currently holds a Masters of Public Health in the field of Policy and Management and aspires to contribute towards health for all South Africans through health system strengthening and preventative medicine.

Atiya has served as the PHASA Secretary since 2015, when she was elected to the PHASA Executive. In her role as Secretary, she has endeavoured to strengthen PHASA Governance and the functioning of the Executive. She is also currently Chair of the PHASA 2018 Conference Oversight Committee. If she is re-elected, she hopes to continue in her position as Secretary so as to build on the work she has achieved thus far.


J Lissens (002)Nominee: Dr Jo Lissens

Belgian born permanent resident of South Africa.

Married, living in Three Rivers, Vereeniging.

Medical doctor with 35 years international experience as Medical Director in global health companies with a social responsibility.

Founder of a medical affairs company, FACTS health care.

PhD student on “criteria for good screening tools for cervical cancer”.

Rolling out a training, information and clinical registry campaign in the Vaal Triangle in order to increase knowledge and awareness on cervical cancer, and measure progress. Dedicated to providing more and better care for women in the best of their life, whatever their background, race of culture is. Aiming at increasing the effectiveness of existing structures, using new tools and spending the available resources better.

CEO of a start-up, the HPV Alliance SA, that aims at being disruptive in “screen and treat” for cervical cancer with better point of care screening, non-invasive treatment and digital registration.

Initiator of a non for profit organisation, SANECCS (or South African Network for Cervical Cancer Screening) that unites GPs, OB/Gyn and nurses to evaluate and measure efforts to eradicate cervical cancer in South Africa.

Passionate about working with local GP’s, nurses and patients of all race, colour and gender, to understand innovations in health care such as the power of screening, prevention and home-based primary care.

Passionate about health care systems with a clear, step-up access, so that each level (community based primary care, community based clinics, GP’s, secondary referral clinics) works at its best so that Care is responsible, measurable, and affordable (which does not mean “cheap”).

Committed to change health care so that more people can be served with better tools. We must be more ambitious on the goals we set, the education we give, the training and information we provide and the culture of research we promote.

Committed to putting more “feet on the ground”, the community-based care must be activated.

Committed to sustained quality audits of current care and cure that determine the budgets that are spent. South Africa does not pay numbers of health care people, but the volume of quality health care delivery.

Committed to search for alliances and synergies between private and public health care and its respective funders.

Passionate about promotion of health through lifestyle, prevention in a comprehensive health funding system.


T Naidu (002)Nominee: Dr Thameshree Naidu

Dr Naidu is a Public Health physician with in depth experience in clinical care, research methodologies, healthcare management, system strengthening and quality improvement. She has worked in complex health systems, collaborating with high level stakeholders to formulate objectives and achieve common outcomes. She is a resilient leader who is a valuable team member. She is passionate about building capacity, translating knowledge for diverse audiences and creating sustainable, responsive, safe health systems using data driven approaches.

She is currently the Lead Improvement Advisor for a multi partner consortium using QI methodologies to close the pediatric and adolescent HIV gap in South Africa. Dr Naidu has been instrumental in the project design, adaptations, development of measures and leading the multi partner strategic information team.

She is an active participant in both local and international conferences. She has chaired, presented at and facilitated sessions.

Dr Naidu practised clinical medicine in South Africa and the UK for almost 10 years before entering a fulltime specialist training in public health. It was her desire to make system level impact to create a more equitable health system that led her to public health. She believes strongly that health is a basic human right and her career has always been guided by a social justice and human rights framework.

She loves to travel and engage with people from diverse backgrounds and enjoys reading autobiographies. She is married and mum to 3 busy boys.


Civil Society SIG: HIV/AIDS; STIs and TB SIG

I De Vries (002)Position: Deputy Chairperson

Nominee: Mr Igshaan de Vries

I am a 30 year old male, RN by profession. I have built on experience from various departments within the nursing space. My passion and core function, I believe lies within the public health sector and being a spokesperson as well as an advocate for layworkers and community members. I am currently studying towards an honours qualification in Public Health at the University of Western Cape and firmly believe this will enhance my next step within the public sector.

Vision For PHASA – Being part of PHASA, I would ensure that impact is being made with respect to delivering quality service at ground level through awareness campaigns, outreach etc


M Mapeshoane (002)Position: Deputy Chairperson

Nominee: Ms Mampoi Mapeshoane

Mampoi was born in Lesotho and is currently an Research Assistant Intern at AIDS Accountability International which has shifted to Accountability International. Mampoi holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Public Administration from The National University of Lesotho. She has volunteered at UNFPA Lesotho working on HIV/AIDS and there she developed an interest in public health. She completed a Post Graduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management at Stellenbosch University and also completed her Masters in HIV/AIDS Management at same institution. Mampoi is a feminist deeply concerned about HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence, LGBT people and is passionate about raising awareness of the challenges key populations face as well as the communities in general. Some of her work involved in assisting in office management for projects like Destabilizing Heteronormativity as well as Challenging Criminalization globally. Mampoi also has also been working has been working towards the elimination of stigma and discrimination and meaningful inclusion of people living with HIV/AIDS during her internship with UNFPA Lesotho. Mampoi is further looking forward to make an impact on the lives of the voiceless or the vulnerable



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