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Nick Fernandes

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Nick Fernandes is a leader in human development and transformation. He owns two companies each one focusing on a different vulnerable groups, namely Special Needs individuals and substance abusers. He trains educators, speakers and coaches and consults with companies and individuals who seek transformation.

He has a background in Psychology and has studied mindfulness practice as a Monk. He  is an initiated traditional healer as well. He was has experience in different models of human development  and in the application of mega cognitive processes when addressing transformation.

His talks and trainings take place weekly. In these sessions he guides participants using a variety of tools allowing them to increase the awareness of self as well as the self limiting beliefs they hold. He challenges attendees to create their own educated/informed futures. He creates online courses designed to help coaches and therapists better their practice and heal themselves (

He works from a metacognitive perspective, studying the way we behave as a part of a larger synergy of beings. He allows the understanding of systems to empower businesses and individuals from a strategic perspective. “I believe that with the correct self analyse as well as understanding of development and strategy one can become a master of one’s own life and never be victim to living on unfulfilled life.”
He heads child trafficking rescue missions and has appeared on radio, helping callers reach new levels of personal transformation. He creates the space for each person to become the best version of themselves.


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