Membership FAQ

How do i register to become a member?

You can register to become a member by using the online membership registration system.

What do i need to register?

You need to to select a membership and complete a form with your personal details.

What are the membership options available?

1. Organisation: R500.00
2. Non Student Membership: R300.00
3. Student Membership: R150.00

I’m already a PHASA member, where can i get my ID number needed to register.

Your PHASA ID number can be found online using the Member ID search.

What happens when i have registered?

Once your payment has been confirmed, you can login into your account and download your membership certificate.

How do i access my membership certificate.

1. Login into your account.
2. On the menu click orders.
3. Under actions click the view button.
4. Under membership certificate click on download certificate.

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