Maserumule Madiganeng Olivia


Maserumule Madiganeng Olivia
Maserumule Madiganeng Olivia

I regard JuPHASA as a platform to encourage youth aged between 15 and 35 years to be active participants in addressing public health issues that affect them. Students and other youth in various organisations should be encouraged to take lead in identifying public health issues and in joining forces to try to address them. Thus, my contribution to the JuPHASA will lie in actively encouraging youth, particularly in Limpopo province to partake in public health issues. It is very vital to educate youth in rural areas about public health as little is known in this field and in turn, the association that will gain momentum and be known widely in inaccessible areas.


I am a 29 year old social worker from Limpopo province and I studied Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. I started working in 2009 for the Department of Social Development. For continuous professional development, i registered Master of Public Health specializing with social and behavioral sciences. I am a second year student at University of Limpopo and I also attend seminars and conferences. I am a hard working individual and I manage time well to be able to juggle my career and responsibilities.


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