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Andile J MthombeniAndile J Mthombeni

I feel blessed to be a healthy young black woman, and so I want to serve the marginalised communities that I myself have been born out of. I believe that in order to become a successful leader one first has to learn how to serve. Dedicated to social change and justice, I advocate for young women and young men rights to sexuality, health and reproduction. When young people are empowered nothing stands in their way of achieving whatever goals they set their minds on. I want to lead by example therefore, by proving that growing up impoverished does not hinder success and leadership. This opportunity would be a stepping stone to my end goal of becoming a successful leader someday. As a pan Africanist I believe we need to preach the message of economic development through innovation, our youth have the potential to transform Africa and turn to the economic, social and political hub of the World. We have the resources all we need is innovation. Who am I though? Well Andile J Mthombeni (BA, Honors in Sociology) is a Masters student in Research Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand. She is part of an advocacy action-research organization African Gender Institute (AGI) that aims to empower young women’s leadership skills through researching Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) with previous research focus on sexual harassment within institutions of higher learning. Further to that, her areas of research interests and focus lie in South African black fatherhood and absent fathers, Gender-based Violence (GBV), Young Women, LGBTIQA, HIV/AIDS as well as knowledge Production. In thread to her interests in SRHR she is also serving as a research committee member of the SRJC network. She has attended and presented at national and international Conferences, and co-authored research articles. She has put together two successfully published Special Issue journals one on Father Connections in South Africa, and another one where she was part of the editorial team on the Studying sexuality special issue published on the SAJHE. Presently she works as a Research Assistant/Co-coordinator at the Department of Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand. Outside her interests in research she is also served as a Post Graduate Associate Rep, with a portfolio on Research in 2016, and when she is not assisting post-grad students she is also participating in the FMF decolonization projects. She has multiple achievements, some of which includes being nominated to serve at the PHASA Gauteng Committee branch, serving as the secretary. She also has been appointed as a student representative in the Ministerial Technical Task Team for SGBV in Institutions of Higher Learning. And recently she co-chaired the successful HEAIDS Youth Conference (2017), and was also appointed to serve as a board of trustees’ member in the SANAC Civil Society Sector.

Pamela Tendai Harirari.pngPamela Tendai Harirari

 I am a pharmacist who is very passionate about public health and would like to contribute significantly to the field in future. I am a hardworking, results driven individual who works well under pressure. I pay attention to detail and am able to time manage responsibilities effectively. I am a self-motivated, goal-oriented and meticulous individual with good communication skills. I am articulate and my ability to use modern networking tools and being able to speak English fluently allows me to engage with colleagues and the public alike. I have experience of working with people in a multidisciplinary team and from a multicultural society, and this has helped me understand people from all walks of life and reshape my young career. This has been challenging yet satisfying at the same time.

 I have a Master of Pharmacy degree in Public Health Pharmacy and Medicines Management, which I obtained from Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU). As part of my Master’s degree, I conducted a research project entitled ‘The effectiveness of implementing a pharmacist-driven inventory management system in the wards at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital’. I have delivered podium presentations and a poster presentation on said Master’s degree project, and have received an award for one of the podium presentations. I have co-authored two articles so far, which have both been published in a peer reviewed journal.


Mukhwathi Selbie Tshifhiwa.pngMukhwathi Selbie Tshifhiwa

My name is Mukhwathi Selbie Tshifhiwa (24) years of age, professionally trained and qualified Oral Hygienist. I am from a family of 6, staying with both parents and three of my siblings. My background afforded me to learn several life skills at early ages, among many; independence and critical decision making. I have experienced few academic challenges in my first year of study/university and through mentorship and discipline I have managed to rise above those hindrances.

Failing my first year was the biggest challenge in my schooling career however, my determination, perseverance, ambition and the passion I have for this field of study raised me above the storm. Oral hygiene focuses in the practice of keeping the mouth clean and healthy by different methods to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. South Africa is a Developing country and most of the illnesses such as infective endocarditis and periodontitis can be easily prevented with good oral hygiene.

 This is exactly what I want to dedicate my life to serving my community. I have grabbed every opportunity that presented itself to me to acquire more knowledge, better my skill and wisdom with two hands. I am currently a volunteer at the Special Olympics South Africa for Special Smiles, we travel all over the country doing Oral Health screening, motivational talks on the prevention of tooth decay and referrals for further treatment. This experience entrenched my love for this profession, instilled the vibrancy, the commitment, the energy, the confidence, the spirit, the loving kindness towards people and I will be grateful for the opportunity.

I have also worked with one of largest company, Colgate in the world doing their oral promotions and campaigns which is going to happen again the next few weeks around the country. We reach all corners of the country in malls and shopping complex to make sure large group get to consult for free.

I am currently working for company called Mediosa Health in the rural place of Free State in QwaQwa.

I aspire to be one of the best oral hygienists in the country and I believe through this experience I will be able to achieve this. Coming from an underprivileged background, I believe this is also a motivation to that young child sitting at home thinking that education is a mirage.

As a qualified public servant and postgraduate in the next year, I plan to build a leaders who will make sure that our country get what they are missing despite of where they are.


Lizeka Tandwa.pngLizeka Tandwa

Early in my career in the Health Sciences I realized that I am interested and perhaps passionate about health management, leadership and governance. Upon much research I decided to leave Biomedical Sciences and aim towards having greater influence in health. Instead of influencing one life at a time, I wanted to influence multitudes at a macro level. I decided to focus on health equity and pursue leadership and governance which is proposed by the World Health Organization Health Systems framework as one of the building blocks to achieve a functional health system.

Currently I am a Masters student and Research Assistant at the University of the Witwatersrand. I am studying towards a MScMed in Bioethics and Health Law and my research is focused on community engagement and participatory democracy in the health policy. I am also enrolled in the Health Policy Analysis short course at the School of Public Health.  I am also interested in women’s health and women empowerment. I hope to merge my interest in health policy and women’s health and empowerment in the near future. I have served in executive positions before and those experiences have shaped th person I am today. I was the Vice Chair and Chairperson in 2014-2016 of the Wits Students’ Bioethics Society where I lead events and discussions around the sale of human organs (which won Best Event in the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2015), National Health Insurance and Transformation in the Faculty of Health Sciences. I was a member of the Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics Advisory Board in 2015-2016. I was also the Secretary and thereafter Vice President Education in 2015 of the Wits Business School Toastmasters Club. In that year I was also the Division Champion for the Evaluation Speech Contest and a finalist at the Southern African Toastmasters Speech contest. Most recently, I have contributed in a catalogue for an exhibition about Project Coast, a bio-chemical warfare project of the apartheid regime, and presented at the exhibition launch. I was a panellist at the book launches of “Dis-eases of Secrecy”, a book on Project Coast at the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Steve Biko Foundation between October 2016 and July 2017. In March 2017 I presented at the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics World Conference. Looking into the future I want to focus on health promotion through advocacy. I want to utilize my past and present experiences and lessons towards serving others in the future fervently.

Letlhogonolo Clementine Maluleke.pngLetlhogonolo Clementine Maluleke

Letlhogonolo Clementine Maluleke, 24 years of age. A catholic female  who studied at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University.  Graduated for my BPharm degree in 2014 and continued to study towards a masters degree. I have completed my MPharm (2016) in Public Health Pharmacy and Medicines Management  at the same university.

I am a very outspoken lady who believes greatly in fair treatment of individuals irrespective of their background or social, political and economic standing.

I love working with people (team player), I have the ability to work under pressure and I am very cool headed.

I have leadership skills, and have been involved in various committees on campus, not only on campus but also in national committees; I am the outgoing treasurer of South African Pharmacy Students Federation (SAPSF). And I currently serve on the committee for the South African Hospital and Institutional Pharmacies (SAAHIP) as a treasurer.

I was nominated by School of Pharmacy for the Brian Symour award offered by the PSSA.

I am currently working for the National Department of Health as a Provincial Medicine Liaison Officer (PMLO) in the Free State. Where I travel throughout the province and audit the primary health facilities to ensure medicine availability and ensuring preserved quality of medicines until they are used.

It would be an honour to serve JuPHASA.

LeeAnne Masilela.pngLeeAnne Masilela

My name is LeeAnne Masilela. I have just completed a Master of Science in Epidemiology degree and are currently awaiting examination for my research. I am currently worker as an Epidemiologist/Biostatistician at the Aurum Institute. My interests lie in the disease outbreak investigation and in the strengthening of public health systems through understanding the causes, appropriate diagnosis and treatment mechanisms for neurological diseases in resource limited settings. Outside of my research interests I have a passion for health advocacy and leadership. Throughout my university years, I was involved in several advocacy and leadership positions including leading the Postgraduate Association and University’s debating union and holding a secretariat position in the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (South African branch). My role in these positions included advocating for postgraduate students in the University’s decision making bodies, networking with sponsors to send the debating team for international tournaments and grooming and mentoring young leaders respectively. I am hoping to bring these skills into JuPHASA to resurrect the organization as an association of young and vibrant health advocates who speak out on issues concerning the country’s public health. I work well in diverse teams and am always willing to learn.

Lindokuhle Precious Mnisi.pngLindokuhle Precious Mnisi

My name is Lindokuhle Precious Mnisi, a 4th year medical student at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University SMU. I am a 23 year old young lady, born and raised in Mpumalanga currently residing in Pretoria Gauteng. I am a proud member of PHASA. Proud member of LemonAID SA, proud member of the student surgical society at SMU,  proud member of MSYD [Mpumalanga Sisonke Youth Development] and a proud mentor to 2 young girls and 6 boys in high school. At the age of 16 I got accepted in the programme “learners in blue” with the SAPS, that’s when my love for serving the public grew. I have achieved so many academic awards including the Special Award I received in Matric 2012 as the Overall Best Learner in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics. Among other things, I have participated in educational competitions and in 2011, I became position 2 at the Eskom Science Expo for young scientists in Nelspruit Mpumalnga.

Currently I am a mentee in the Big Sister programme. I am the co – leader and the head of fundraising of the Tabithas, the charity division of BSP, because of my love for giving and helping others and the great leadership skills I have. I work as a sales representative at Le’bee palms and I am part of the PR Team. I am also the secretary of ECG Student Association at SMU.

Growing up I have always wanted to be a doctor simply because I am passionate about the service of the public. I believe most importantly in health education of the public and I believe that everybody has the right to public health including refugees, asylum seekers and foreigners. Time must come where one stands up for a better healthy and informed community in service and I am the person for that simply by passion. One lady once said “create with your heart and build with your mind”, I can only say, passion is what has brought me here and this is among other things that will take me there.

I am ready to be committed in helping achieve the goals of the JuPHASA and PHASA organisation, I am ready to work in moving forward and securing a better health for all, I am sincerely ready to be among the future leaders of JuPHASA and PHASA organisation.

It will be with great pleasure to serve under JuPHASA and I am grateful for this opportunity. Your consideration will be very much appreciated.

Onthatile Serehete.pngOnthatile Serehete

Onthatile Serehete is a community Service medical doctor who graduated from University of the Free State in 2013. I just recently completed my Masters in International Health and Tropical Medicine from the University of Oxford on a full Weidenfeld-Hoffman Leadership scholarship after having to interrupt my community Service Year. I not only have academic strength but have showed my leadership potential as well after being awarded the Kovsie Dux Student award in my final year of Medical school for demonstrating excellence in academic achievement, co-curricular and community involvement, and student leadership. Beyond my induction to the Golden Key Honour society and being awarded the top achiever award during the Golden Key ceremony in my third year, the Dux award demonstrates my ability to apply myself in and out of the classroom, a skill which I believe can be harnessed and elevated through serving in JuPHASA executive committee. I believe in a holistic approach to life and that one should constantly be working on themselves and actively seek and engage in new experiences outside the classrooms and medical wards that are aligned with my goals and that to me is necessary for one to be an effective leader. Upon completion of community service I want to engage in public health and or international health opportunities that effect changes both in hospitals and within our communities.

Shane Darren Murphy.pngShane Darren Murphy

My name is Shane Darren Murphy. I was born in a small mining town in the North West Province of South Africa. I completed secondary education at Carleton Jones High School, where I was Student Chairperson, Dux Scholar, captain of rugby and cricket teams, and top academic achiever in grades 8 through to 12.

My tertiary education, MBChB, was completed in 2013 at the University of Pretoria.

My internship was completed at Khayelitsha District Hospital in South Africa’s largest and fastest growing township where I was exposed to all of South Africa’s quadruple burden of disease.

My community Service was completed in 2016 at Knysna Provincial Hospital in the Western Cape. Here I was extensively exposed to primary health care systems and its essentiality to improving public health.

Currently, I am a medical officer in the emergency medicine unit at Tambo Memorial Hospital. I have a post-graduate Diploma in Primary Emergency Care from the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa. I received an admission merit scholarship  for being a scholar that “demonstrates anoutstanding desire to improve themselves and their communities through learning” in application for my MPH degree through the University of Roehampton in London, for which I am in the research project stages.

I am passionate about social justice and equitable health care and socioeconomic standing. I love my country and its people and wish to see all of society thrive.

In my spare time, I have taught myself to play the acoustic guitar, enjoy running, cycling and kayaking, and spending time with family and friends.

I thank you for the opportunity to apply for a position on the JuPHASA Executive Committee.


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