Special Interest Groups

A SIG is a group of PHASA members who share a passion for a particular area within the discipline of public health.


The Health Promotion Special Interest Group consists of health promotion advocates, policy advisors, academics, students, community health care workers and clinicians from South Africa and other Southern African countries including the health system, universities, NGOs, research and health professional organisations, and civil society organisations.

Goal of the Health Promotion SIG

The purpose of this special interest group is to promote advocacy of health promotion policy and research initiatives for a healthy population in South African and beyond.

Why join Health Promotion SIG?

  • Network with other health promotion advocates and associations.
  • Have an impact on national health policy supported by PHASA.
  • Participate in Health Promotion SIG leadership and educational activities.
  • Influence the Health Promotion SIG activities at the PHASA Annual Meeting.



PHASA Secretariat
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