Dr Tewabech Bishaw, President of the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA).
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In this article, which is based on the keynote address at the 7th PHASA conference 2011, I will discuss with you the progress that African countries have made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We will also be able to see the gaps that need to be addressed.

Finally, I share my thoughts on public health actions that I believe could contribute to redress existing gaps and inequalities.

Developing African Countries’ Status Towards Achieving the MDGs

We all know that as recent as September 2010, ten years after the MGDs targets have been established, the world leaders met at the United Nations headquarters to assess progress made towards achieving the MDGs. At this meeting many leaders from African countries reported on the efforts they were making, but also on the challenges they are faced with and the sad unlikelihood of meeting many of the targets. On the other hand, leaders from other regions reported on their progress made, on their successes and the likelihood of meeting the set targets within the time frame.