PHASA Conferences

The Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) hosts an annual conference, with the aim of engaging public health practitioners from around the country, region and world to share their experiences and research, discuss topical public health issues, and mentor public health students and young researchers.

This year’s theme: ‘Partnerships for Public Health: Sculpting a Healthier Future Together’

Public health practitioners, programmes, and systems work to create more effective and sustainable solutions to public health challenges, based on the best available evidence and focusing on equity, social justice, and community engagement. This calls for new and innovative approaches to bridge the gap between research and action, and highlights the importance of partnerships between researchers, policymakers, and communities.

The 2024 PHASA Conference provides an opportune setting for engaging with the most recent public health research and evidence, for rethinking current models of research translation, for identifying barriers and opportunities for change, and for exploring new strategies for knowledge exchange and dissemination.

Join fellow public health experts, academics, researchers, students, non-governmental organisations, and civil society members at this year’s annual PHASA Conference; as we transform the ways we think about and approach priority areas of public health research, policy, and practice, to ultimately improve health outcomes for all.

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