15 September 2022 - 14 September 2022


  • Deon Salama
  • Mandy Salamo
  • Kefiloe Masimola

17th Annual Public Health Conference

The Public Health Association of South (PHASA) invites you to attend their annual conference in Durban (eThekwini), on the east coast of South Africa. PHASA hosts an annual conferences, with the aim of engaging public health practitioners and interested people from around the country and world to share their experiences and research, discuss topical public health issues, and mentor public health students and young researchers.

In the past two years, South Africa has boldly faced four COVID-19 waves and is now looking towards rebuilding our society and health system to deliver universal health care and improved health outcomes for all. Additionally in Durban, in July 2021 destruction and looting during civil unrest led to devastating consequences for the local society, economy, and healthcare services. Hosting the national PHASA conference in Durban aims to add stimulus to the local economy, and contribute to enhanced awareness and widespread advocacy, for health, the social determinants of health, and healthcare in the region.

Public health principles have an integral role to play in addressing these complex issues, and the PHASA 2022 conference will provide an ideal setting to stimulate robust discussions on progress made, critical reflections on the challenges encountered, and vibrant dialogue on how to shape a post COVID-19 pandemic health system and world, where all people are able to attain a state of health that enables them to lead socially and economically productive lives.