The Public Health Association of South Africa invites the South African  public health community  and our international colleagues to Johannesburg, South Africa for  our 13th annual conference. The theme of the 2017 conference is “A Global Charter for the Public’s Health”: Implications for Public Health Practice in South Africa.

Last year, our conference considered public health practices in the context of the SDGs.  This year we will critically reflect on the WFPHA/WHO collaboration “A Global Charter for the Public’s Health” and its implications for public health in South Africa. We will examine the four enabling functions of the Charter, viz. governance, capacity, information and advocacy. We will have conversations on how these four enabling functions can be strengthened in South Africa. We will discuss critical current issues like globalisation and decolonisation in relation to public health.

Our conference cover design is adapted from the logo of “A Global Charter for the Public’s Health”. It symbolises South Africa’s role in global public health and the influence of global public health on us. While the conference focuses on implications in the South African setting, we encourage colleagues from Africa and the rest of the world to submit abstracts and share the lessons they have learnt with us.