HSPR community of practice

The HPSR interest group will provide space and opportunity for researchers and academics to engage with other stakeholders including policymakers, civil society organisations and frontline health workers.

It is hoped that through this engagement the group will be able to track developments in the field of HPSR, exchange ideas and possibly influence change as well as have more contribution in determining the HPS research agenda.

Since HPSR is an emerging field, the special group will provide the space or platform to share and contribute lessons learnt in the field with regards to the use of different methodological approaches and theories/theoretical frameworks in HPSR research programmes.

The interest group will provide the space for different academic institution to share and discuss capacity building opportunities and HPSR programmes and courses offered by different universities; and hopefully work together to review these programmes and courses, promote teaching in the field of HPSR and produce more HPSR post graduates. Senior HPSR professionals with the skills and opportunity to mentor will also be identified through the HPSR interest group to support upcoming academics and practitioners in the field. The HPSR special interest group will therefore promote the PHASA teaching agenda.

This could be the right platform to engage with other HPSR professionals in the African region

The HPSR interest group will also encourage networking among its members and create opportunities for collaboration Through PHASA on-line discussions, pre-workshops and organised sessions we will;


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