Flavia Senkubuge


Flavia Senkubuge
Flavia Senkubuge

Vision: To build PHASA as the foremost public health association in Africa and go to for public health issues.
Realising the vision:


I am a specialist in Public Health Medicine MBCHB (Pret) 2004), Mmed (Community Health) (Pret) 2010), FCPHM (CMSA) (2009) and secretary of the South African college of Public Health Medicine. I was past Vice President of PHASA (2009-2014), am current Vice-President of the African Federation of Public Health Association (AFPHA) and current secretary of the African Advisory Council on Research and Development (AACHRD).

I was recently elected as a Young Physician Leader for 2015 by the prestigious global Inter Academy Medical Panel (IAMP). I am also the junior vice president of the colleges of medicine South Africa (CMSA). I am the first black woman to occupy such a senior leadership position in the CMSA and the first public health specialist to occupy such a position in the CMSA’s 62 year history!

My research interests lie in Global health diplomacy, Health policy and management, Leadership, and the social determinants of health. At heart I am a philanthropist and passionate about mentoring young people.


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