Eric Maimela


Eric Maimela
Eric Maimela

My vision to Join PHASA as an Executive Member is to participate in the formulation and practice of sound Public Health Policies in the Less Developed Countries. This will assist in the contribution to raise sufficient funds to achieve strategic goals of PHASA and conduct planned activities for the association. I would also like to contribute to the improvement of population health and the reduction of health inequities in the South Africa and other less developed countries by focusing on the prevention of disease, the promotion of health, and the improved functioning of the health care system. My vision again is to recruit members to join PHASA and contribute to the debates on public health and development issues. Lack of epidemiological information and less capacitated health care providers is a significant and emerging threat to public health, and thus changes the way we must look at protecting vulnerable populations, thus my vision for PHASA is to have more health care providers capacitated through the association.


I’m an Epidemiologist and a Public Health Analyst who has an experience in the contribution to the design, conduct and evaluations of routine and newly collected data in order to inform programme managers to achieve operational targets in the health sector. Also I have experience in contributing to the development of staff members and postgraduate students to improve the public health system by encouraging the use of operational research for decision making, making collaboration with institution of higher learning. This includes but not limited to preventive, remedial, maintenance care and the incorporation of traditional health into district health system. I have passion on health and social development issue which drives me to want to be engaged with capacity building and training for better health.

My career objectives are:

Currently I’m working at the Department of Health in Limpopo Province under Public Health Programmes as an Epidemiologist and also a Part-time lecturer at University of Limpopo.


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