Harsha Somaroo

I am a coffee lover and Public Health Medicine Specialist focused on health equity, and I am committed to protecting and improving the health of all South Africans. My professional and academic qualifications include a medical degree, a Fellowship in Public Health Medicine, a Masters of Medicine in Public Health Medicine, a Master of Science in Epidemiology, and a Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management. I currently hold a joint appointment post at the Department of Community Health, University of the Witwatersrand School of Public Health, and Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, Gauteng Department of Health.

Having been exposed to various aspects of clinical care and public health systems’ management, I appreciate that improvements both within and outside the health system are essential to improve the health system and impact health equity. Within the health care sector, I imagine transformation of the mechanisms for clinical and corporate governance, and a strengthened health system exhibiting increased effectiveness, efficiency and quality health care. Outside the health care system, I envision progresses in addressing the social determinants of health and heightened social conscientization of all South Africans. I hope to always contribute to these objectives, in all the ways that I can.’


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