Daniël Richards Neumann


Daniël Richards Neumann
Daniël Richards Neumann

Helping people lead healthy lives is indeed a noble and far-reaching Vision. The Vision of EQUALITI, my company, is ‘to heal people and keep them healthy’. As a boutique consultancy with limited staff and resources, EQUALITI can only achieve this by forming partnerships with other role players in industry.

Providing leadership and a collective voice to improve health, through knowledge sharing, capacity building and partnership is indeed the cornerstone of developing these partnerships alluded to above.

My passion for Health Impact Assessment (HIA) stems from a solid background in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) field and a Master’s degree in Physiology. As Registered Medial Scientist with the HPCSA, I am in a very favorable position to advance HIA within the field of Environmental Management, thereby implementing sound medical sciences, such as epidemiology, in the assessment field of practice.
As Board Member of EAPASA (Environmental Assessment Practitioners Associations of South Arica) since 2012, when the Board was formed, I have direct access to leaders in the EIA field and can influence the focus on HIA and the implementation thereof in many ways.


As Founder and CEO of EQUALITI Health Impact Practitioners (Pty) Ltd (EQUALITI), I have actively practiced Health Impact Assessment (HIA) since 2006 after attending a HIA Short course at the Liverpool University in 2006. The course was presented under the auspices of the Liverpool University’s Department of Public Health and coordinated by Dr. Alex Scott-Samuel, who is seen as the father of HIA after he coined the phrase in an article in the BMJ in 1996. My specialist input can be traced back to 2008 when I performed a HIA for a new PPC Cement manufacturing facility as staff member of the Ninham Shand Consulting in Cape Town.

I hold a Master’s of Science degree from the University of Potchefstroom and has 25 years of experience in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) field. My HIA experience 10 years started in 2006. I am a Medical Scientist registered with the HPCSA.
I commenced my career at the Atomic Energy Corporation (AEC) of South Africa in 1988, working in the Environmental Section of the Corporation. Thereafter I joined the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria where I have been involved in research of Health Impacts caused by Air Pollution. During my tenure at the CSIR I visited Harvard School of Public Health, working under Dr. John D. Spengler and attended a three-week summer school at the TUFTS University in 1992. Dr. Kenneth Rothman from the Boston University (School of Public Health) presented at the summer school and have been a role model since.
During 2000 I started and managed the first Environmental Consultancy (ECOTECHNIK) in Mpumalanga, South Africa, which I headed for 6 years. From a small beginning I developed ECOTECHNIK to be one of the leading environmental consultancies in South Africa. ECOTECHNIK was sold to Ninham Shand Consulting Services which amalgamated with Connell Wagner and Africon to form AURECON.
During recent years I have held various positions in large Environmental Consultancies such as Ninham Shand, WS Atkins (Bahrain), Hyder Consulting (Bahrain) and ERM, where I demonstrated good leadership, strategic capability and management skills. At ERM I headed up the Impact Assessment and Planning Sub-Practice for the Northern Provinces in South Africa and managed the Social Sub-Practice in the Johannesburg office.
I have served on the Executive of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIAsa) for a number of years and assisted with the organization of several National Conferences.

As Treasurer of the Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association of South Africa (EAPASA) Board for the past 4½ years, I gained intimate knowledge of the current EAPASA Implementation Plan and therefore understands the finances of NPOs. As project manager of the CSIR feasibility study, I have extensive knowledge of the proposed financial model of the EAPASA Board. I have contributed significantly to the Public Relations Committee and made meaningful contribution to the Professional Development Committee. As member of the Registration Committee, I received training as a RPL assessor and contributed significantly to the web-based application system of EAPASA. Finally, the Mpumalanga MEC for Housing appointed me for two three year terms to serve on the Townships Board totalling a period of 6 years.


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