Nominations for PHASA Executives: Term of Office 2016 – 2019


(Deadline for submission– 20 August 2016)

Please note the following:

  1. The nominee and nominators must be PHASA members. Nominees may not nominate themselves.
  2. The following items must be submitted together with the nomination form for publication on the PHASA website in the run-up to the election:
    1. A completed motivation by the nominee which includes a biography (maximum 500 words)
    2. A picture of the nominee
  3. The elections take place electronically.
  4. Voting will start on the 5 September and will close after the PHASA AGM on the 20 September in East London.
  5. Information on the electronic voting process including starting and closing times for voting will be communicated at least one week prior to commencement of voting.
  6. The nominees will be asked to briefly introduce themselves at the AGM and nominees not attending are required to send a video message.
  7. All those attending the conference should consider reserving voting until after hearing the nominee introductions at the AGM.
  8. The work of the PHASA Executive does require some dedicated time to attend meetings and complete allocated tasks. It is strongly advised that potential nominees not put themselves forward if this is likely to be a problem. A rough breakdown of requirements is as follows:
    1. 1 x One hour Executive Committee meeting per month (telephonic)
    2. 1 x One hour Sub-Committee meeting per month (telephonic)
    3. Presence at the Lekgotla in November
    4. Out of meeting working of approximately 5 – 10 hours per month
    5. Timeous response to emails




Click here to download the nomination form: PHASA Exec Nomination Form 2016

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