SPHPN Conference 2016

SPHPN is the umbrella body of all professional groups involved in public health in Nigeria. Our membership consists of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, environmental health specialists, health educators and several other groups. Our goal is to seek the improvement of the health of Nigerians through information, provision of health services, advocacy, the adoption and implementation of healthy public policies and the creation of enabling and supportive environment for the citizens of Nigeria.

SPHPN has held two national conferences in the past and 2016 offers us a unique opportunity to host our 3rd national conference which will be held in conjunction with the 2nd regional conference of the national public health federations of all African countries. It is a meeting where several important issues about public health in Africa will be discussed and important decisions taken.

The theme of the conference is Public Health in Africa and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs have only recently been adopted by the United Nations as the bench mark for measuring progress in all human endeavours. So it is very apt to discuss this at this conference.

To learn more visit the SPHPN website here.

To learn more visit the SPHPN Conference 2016 website here.

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