Implementing the “A Global Charter for the Public’s Health”

Charter_logoThe World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) has engaged in a project to discuss how to adapt today’s public health to its global context. A literature review and widespread consultation formed part of this initiative.

The project led to the development of the “A Global Charter for the Public’s Health”, that has been officially presented at the 69th World Health Assembly few weeks ago obtaining a large consensus.

Currently there is no global agreement on what public health functions or services consist of, and we experience a lack of a common vocabulary in public health.

The “A Global Charter for the Public’s Health” has the potential to become an established framework to allow public health systems to communicate globally, compare capacity and improve performance through systematic action. The Declaration of Alma-Ata on Primary Health Care in 1978 and The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion in 1986 had a major influence on improving health throughout the world.  The intention of the Charter is to take the next step in providing a succinct and practical implementation guideline to public health associations and health-realted organizations to work with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), universities, civil society, governments, private sector etc. to plan and implement strategies for better health outcomes across the globe.

The Charter recommends actions on two levels: first, a consensus on a conceptualization of global public health and on a framework for sustainable and secure health infrastructures and services. Second, the Charter calls for true political engagement, use of social networks, identification of political leverage points, and steerage of public health agendas through the new societal and political environments.

The WFPHA has the pleasure of inviting you to further debate on the role of public health in our globalized world with a special focus on the “A Global Charter for the Public’s Health” proposed, by answering the Global Charter’s survey.

This is the beginning of a process embracing the conceptualization of global public health and the development of strategic capacities for all professionals that will be part of a new health era, more dedicated to preventive solutions.

Your participation to this survey will be of great value in helping move forward this important subject. To start the survey, please click on the following link :

We would appreciate your feedback by July 18th 2016.

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