Month: November 2015


During the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM), held during the conference (8 October 2015), several presentations were given.

Protecting critical posts at times of austerity

It is becoming increasingly clear that the biggest threat to ensuring equitable access to human resources for health in rural communities is finding the financial resources to appoint those ready to serve. Increasingly austerity measures are being implemented in a way that undermines access to health care. Our contention is that this is unlawful and guidance must be sought from legislation such as the Public Administrative Justice Act as to how critical posts can be protected.

Testing educational tools for Public Health learning in the Health Sciences curricula in Africa

There is a need to capture the interest of medical students and to communicate the relevance of the inclusion of Public Health in the medical curriculum. There appears to be a lack of such educational tools – and evaluations of their effectiveness – in the public health arena and more so in the undergraduate environment. One possible strategy to improve the learning about PH in the undergraduate medical curriculum is to test educational tools that have been successfully used elsewhere.

Key speeches / presentations/panel discussions at PHASA 2015

Some key speeches / presentations / panel discussions held at the PHASA 2015 conference can be accessed here.

Sustainability’s strange trip through ‘neoliberal nature’

For the 2015-30 period, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are now the mantra of the UN and many other multilateral agencies. This article discusses what the “worth” or nature is; the importance of thinking about future generations; the effects of relocating polluting industries to lower income countries; threats to the environment; and how we can move to really sustainable societies.

PHASA Conference 2015: Opening Ceremony

The PHASA 2015 conference opening ceremony welcome positioned the MDG’s and SDG’s, and included a panel discussion on challenges and successes in service delivery, training and public health research in KwaZulu-Natal.

Climate Change and Health Policy Assessment Project Report: A Global Survey

PHASA supports the recommendations of the 2015 Climate Change and Health Policy Assessment Project Report: A Global Survey.

Health Groups Call for Clean Energy Ahead of Paris Climate Talks

Health organizations spanning every continent issued a call today to end society’s deadly and costly dependence on fossil fuels.

HSRC seminar on traditional male circumcision

The HSRC PHHSI Seminar Series presents on 12 November: Challenges facing traditional male circumcision in the Eastern Cape Province

Interesting read: Influence of World Cup 2010 on sex ratio at birth

An article titled ” The sex ratio at birth in South Africa increased 9 months after the 2010 FIFA World Cup” has just been published. You can read the abstract below and the full text can be accessed via the journals website. And you can listen to the interview with the main author on Cape Talk


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