Month: August 2015

PDFs of Lexicons of Public Health and Medical informatics

Please send in your CV by 20 September 2015 if you want to be included in the Bibiographical Lexicon of Public Health.

Mental Health Special Interest Group

The overall aim of this SIG is to be responsive to the public mental health needs of society through advocacy, creating awareness and academic initiatives.

Epidemiology Special Interest Group

The Epidemiology Special Interest Group will pursue some of the activities of the Epidemiology Working Group constituted by SAFETP.

National Health Insurance (NHI) Pilot Districts: progress report by Minister of Health

Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, MoH, and a delegation from the DoH provided an update about the NHI pilot sites on 21 August 2015.

To NHI or not? And if so, what, when, why and how?

It has been almost four years since the Green Paper on the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) was gazetted. With no White Paper in sight, many are questioning whether the NHI policy will be taken forward or whether there has been a change of heart. There remains considerable confusion about the nature of the proposed reforms. This ‘thought-piece’ outlines my own understanding of the proposed health system reforms.

Moving towards universal health coverage in South Africa: the role of private sector GPs

Since the release of the 2011 NHI Green Paper (1) considerable debate and analysis has occurred regarding the politics and economics of the proposed scheme. However, relatively little attention has been paid to the important role played by frontline providers tasked with implementing the reforms, and whose services the scheme will rely on in order to function on the ground. In particular, the ‘contracting in’ of private sector general practitioners (GPs) into the public health services is a key aspect of the NHI which deserves more attention.

The South African National Health Insurance: Where are we now?

South Africa took on a revolutionary new direction for its national health system with the publication of the government’s Green Paper on National Health Insurance (NHI). In essence the objective of the NHI policy is to provide improved access to cost effective and quality health services for all South Africans. One of the main priorities of the NHI policy was to strengthen the public health system within the first five years. This article reviews what has been achieved thus far.

Moving forward with health financing reforms in South Africa: some considerations

South Africa is at a critical juncture with regards to financing the health sector to improve health and to deliver quality health services to all. This paper provides a personal view of some of the key next steps the country will need to consider as it moves forward with its changes to health financing. The commentary draws on experience from other countries as well as South Africa and focuses on some of early challenges that may need to be considered.

National Health Accounts – Call for Expression of Interest

The NDoH in conjunction with its partners invites eligible and professional companies and individuals with local presence in South Africa to respond to this Call for Expression of Interest.

Healthcare Innovation Summit

The Summit will be held on 19 August 2015, and will address the theme- “Transforming Healthcare with Technology.”


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