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We would like to acknowledge with the leadership of WFPHA which is deeply saddened with loss of huge human being and property by the perilous disaster earthquake. We not only Nepal Public Health Association but also Nepal government and people of Nepal massively affected by this disaster. More than 7000 thousand people died, more than 1.5 million people were injured, more than a half million houses were demolished, more than 6 million people were displaced and billions of properties were damaged till a date. The affected number is increasing day by day. Total loss will come after completion of rescue.

Nepal is mountainous country that is making difficulties to rescue people in all area because of pitiable road network, metrological changes and constraints of resources. More than 15 countries widely supported to rescue and support for affected area and people especially on relief materials, rescue and response and medical support.

Nepal Public Health Association also closely and jointly working with Nepal government especially in prevention and control of possible disease outbreak, hygiene and sanitation and maternal and child health which is neglected part of disaster response at the moment. We are also volunteering organization so we are partly of this task and plays as coordinator for necessary support like surveillance and monitoring as well.

Finally, again we would like to keep thanks for serious concern, thoughts and prayers for Nepalese people during these difficult times, regarding the tragedy disaster and their damaged in Nepal from WFPHA central governing council.

Call for Action support


In the past days, we surveyed and closely monitored the affected places of the country and partly support in resource collection and distribution. All government and non government organization provide immense effort for rescue, logistic (especially food, shelter, medicine etc.). But, we seriously felt that there is gap to fulfil the personal hygiene of individual people, menstruation hygiene of women, pregnant and newborn health support. So, we are trying to immediate support for about 10,000 families in remote affected areas of different districts. In this regard, we seek collective action for precious kind of support.

We anticipated the support as following priority

  • 1st priority: Personal hygiene and sanitation kit
  • 2nd priority: Menstruation hygiene
  • 3rd Priority: Pregnant and newborn support

We would like to request to convey this call of action support and message to possible supporter, donor or other organizations.

Sincerely yours,

Bhogendra Raj Dotel, President Ram Prasad Bhandari, Immediate Past President Mohan Krishna Shrestha, Vice President Salau Din Myia, General Secretary Binod Regmi, Treasurer Ramesh Bhatta, Secretary Ramananda Pandit, Sub Treasurer

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