Postdoctoral position in mathematical/statistical modelling of infectious diseases

We still poorly understand how the structuring of a population in urban and rural areas with different population densities or levels of connectivity affects the spread of infectious diseases, which makes spatial predictions of spread difficult to make. To address this important issue, the successful candidate will develop mathematical and statistical models to analyse a large serological dataset documenting the circulation of influenza strains in Madagascar during the last 50 years. The study will aim to better characterize how the geographical structure of a territory influences the spatial propagation of influenza. Madagascar provides a unique environment to explore such question as it is a relatively isolated island (direct flights to Asia only opened recently) and therefore external virus seeding is presumably more limited than elsewhere. Besides, it is a large and diverse territory in which certain communities like Antananarivo are highly connected, while others are among the most remote places in the world and require few days of travel to be reached. This impressive population connectivity gradient creates a unique setting to better characterize the role of human movement on the local spread of influenza. The research will be performed with a number of international partners, including Jean Michel Heraud at Institut Pasteur Madagascar, Jess Metcalf at Princeton University and Justin Lessler at Johns Hopkins University.

An important objective of our Unit is to provide real-time mathematical modelling and analysis during the emergence of infectious diseases and we must therefore be able to quickly respond to these crises as they occur. The successful candidate will be expected to take part to these analyses. 

Funding is available for 3 years. We will start with a 1 year contract with possibility to extend it for another 2 years. The annual gross salary is 31,356 €.

Interested candidates should contact Dr Simon Cauchemez ( with a CV, statement of interest and references.

The deadline for applications is 25 March 2015.

Location: Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases Unit, Institut Pasteur, 28 rue du Docteur Roux, 75724 Paris Cedex 15, France.

View here the full Terms of Reference

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