In Pursuit of Excellence: 2014 PHILA Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2014 PHILA Lifetime achievement award winners, Professors Emeritus, William Pick and  David Sanders for their more than 20 years of service in public health. Both winners have an extensive list of degrees and accomplishments exemplifying commitment and showing significant contributions that have fundamentally advanced public health in South Africa, Africa and beyond. In honour of humility and brevity we touch on a few.

William Pick
William Pick

William Pick is a Professor and founding head of the School of Public Health at Wits University. He holds honorary appointments at the University of Cape Town and Western Cape with an internationally recognised fellowship from Harvard. In the past he has served as chairperson of the Epidemiological Society of Southern Africa and PHASA. Pick has led many anti apartheid drives and has systematically influenced public health institutions in South Africa.

David Sanders
David Sanders

David Sanders is the author of three books, has over 40 chapters and monographs and over 120 articles in peer reviewed journals. He is a specialist paediatrician in public health. Sanders is lauded for contributing to teaching and learning as the founding Director of the School of Public Health at the University of the Western Cape.  Through Sander’s visionary leadership and direction, the school of public health at UWC has become a World Health Organisation Collaborating Research Centre for Human Resources for Health. He is a founding member of PHASA and of the global People’s Health Movement.

The quality of their work is admired by their peers and they have gone beyond what is expected of them in their respective areas of expertise. Pick and Sanders leave trails of demonstrable accomplishments, the recipe to which they have passed to younger individuals on the path of public health excellence.

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