WFPHA newsletter September 2014

The September 2014 newsletter of the World Federation of Public Health Associations is now available. The newsletter includes the following topics:

  1. Joint WFPHA/AFPHA Statement on Ebola Outbreak
  2. Important achievements of the African Federation of Public Health Associations
    • African Federation of Public Health Associations @ First IGAD International Scientific Conference on Health
    • AFPHA has signed an MoU with the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on the Establishment of the AFPHA Head Office in Addis Ababa
  3. How Young Public Health Professionals see Public Health
  4. New intern @ WFPHA Headquarters
  5. News from our Members: e.g. 2014 policy advocacy statement of the Cameroon PHA, Yemeni PHA
  6. Members' Newsletters
  7. WFPHA Members Communication: e.g. new WFPHA member's platform, Resolutions submission to the WFPHA policy committee
  8. WFPHA Working Groups: Tobacco control working group,
  9. What's on: e.g. WHO Health and Climate conference; Environmental assessments of foodborne illness outbreaks
  10. Publications: e.g. How public health professionals perceive the acheivement of MDGs; Vietnam Journal of PH
  11. Upcoming events: e.g. 10th EHFCN Conference; SPHPN Annual Meeting
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