Online Course Public Health Epidemiology

Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht introduce: Public Health Epidemiology, an online course

Do you want to learn (more) about public health epidemiology?

Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht offer in cooperation with Elevate Health, the online course Public Health Epidemiology: highly suited to epidemiologists or public health workers in universities, hospitals, municipal health services and other governmental health organizations, and to PhD candidates working on epidemiological or public health research.

In only 3 weeks you’ll learn about the basic principles, important measures of population health, their interpretation and use in public health policy. Recent cases such as the Ebola outbreak will be discussed. In addition, the effects of an exposure on life expectancy, prevention strategies and the societal, economic and health dilemmas involved in introducing population measures are covered. In this interactive online course, you’ll study by means of web lectures and group assignments.

Starts 13 October  – 3 weeks, ca. 14h p/w – € 785

Are you ready to enroll?

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  1. I do not see costs to be paid in doing this course. I am interested in it please send more info.



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