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As a graduate of public health you can find careers suited to a wide variety of interests and skills, in both traditional public health and service-focused organizations as well as new practice settings and non-profit organizations. Public health graduates can look forward to a wealth of opportunities in each state and city around the country and even the world. Common areas of employment include Federal, state and local health agencies (e.g. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, EPA), Consulting firms, Consumer advocacy organizations , Hospitals and integrated health care systems and Private business and industry. 

We’ve compiled a growing list of 173 public health and related careers with average salaries between $41,000 and $77,000. The top 10 states with the highest salary ranges include Maryland, New Jersey, California, Mississippi, Illinois, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, DC and New York. The top 10 employers of public health professionals around the country include University of Florida, State of Washington, California State University, Strategic Resolution Experts, Inc, University of California San Francisco, Maxim Healthcare Services, Banner Health, Cigna, Indian Health Service, and Hallmark Rehabilitation. 

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