EID Clinical Research Nurse

MSF is looking for a research study nurse to help coordinate the Very Early Infant Diagnosis pilot project. This project is conducted together with the University of Stellenbosch. 

Very Early Infant Diagnoses Research Project

In 2014, the project placed an additional emphasis on paediatric HIV care, with identification of the need to diagnose and treat HIV positive infants at the earliest possible time after birth.

The VEID project is a ground breaking research project where HIV exposed babies will have a birth PCR done at birth. The aim will be to start HIV-infected babies on ART as soon as possible, with the hope of reproducing the “functional cure” observed with the Mississippi baby last year. A point of care PCR machine and other new diagnostic technologies will be validated as part of the project. The time period for completion of the study is two years.

Please visit the MSF website for the full job advert for the required qualifications needed for the vacancy.  

To apply, please email your CV and personal motivation letter to Lauren Rolls: msfocb-khayelitsha-admin@brussels.msf.org

Closing date:  11 June 2014

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