Establishment of Botswana Public Health Association

This is a call to invite public health professionals resident in Botswana to be pioneers in the creation of Botswana Public Health Association. The association will be an avenue for interaction of public health workers resident in Botswana. However, membership is not restricted to doctors and dentists only. Thus, those from other professional background and with interest in public health are welcome.

Reasons for Botswana Public Health Association

  • To create a platform to promote public health works in the country.
  • To develop and contribute to effective public health practices in Botswana.
  • To make a strong contribution to Botswana's public health policy as an organization.
  • To promote the development and education of the public health personnel working in Botswana.
  • To contribute to the vision 2016 pillars of an informed and educated nation as well as a compassionate, just and caring nation.
  • Promote research and avail information relating to issues like mental health, health inequality, nutrition etc. in Botswana.
  • Create and support collaborative partnerships of the respective disciplines of public health e.g. epidemiologists, public health informatics, statisticians, community physicians, nursing, pharmacists and public health specialists/consultants that are currently resident in Botswana.

At present the association does not have a working website but interested individuals can contact Dr Tidimalo Mmelesi for further information.


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