Regional (African) Markets Manager, Nairobi, Kenya

The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) works to broaden access to life-saving therapy for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria patients in the poorest parts of the world.  Building on its work on HIV and malaria treatment, CHAI launching ambitious new efforts to scale-up access to other high impact health commodities , with an immediate focus on key life savings Reproductive Maternal, Neonatal and Children’s Health (RMNCH)  medicines and health products.   CHAI approaches health access challenges with simultaneous and intensive engagement on both the demand and supply sides of the market.

Working with the governments of high-burden countries and leading global institutions, as well as regional and global consortiums, CHAI will support intensified efforts at both global and country levels to plan, resource, and implement effective interventions for appropriate use and scale- up these products.  To ensure the products are available and affordable to patients in need, CHAI will focus both on developing a healthy and competitive and sustainable supply base as well as a robust distribution strategy.

On the demand side, CHAI’s country teams help governments to scale up treatment programs, improve procurement and supply chain management, and, for products sold directly to consumers or clinics, increase access to medicines through private sector distribution mechanisms.

Meanwhile, Regional Market Team (RMT), in partnership with our Global Markets team, works to address supply-side barriers to access and foster a healthy marketplace to ensure the sustainable supply of essential medicines. RMT works closely with drug and healthcare manufacturers and suppliers, as well as national and regional procurement organizations, to lower drug prices, encourage the adoption of stringent quality standards, and accelerate the entry and uptake of new improved products. 

Though CHAI’s work on marketplace improvements is organization-wide, RMT will the lead role in managing relationships with suppliers and coordinating regional supply side work on access to medicines and critical health commodities.

CHAI is seeking a Regional Supply Market Development Manager to provide support in the development and execution of procurement and supply strategies to support the increased access to high impact commodities in CHAI focal countries in Africa as well as across the East African Community (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda).  This role will require building an understanding of the value chain and decision makers for multiple markets, understanding the roles if manufacturers, value chain intermediates, and both public and private procurement entities.  It requires relationship building and close collaboration with key manufacturers, distributors/wholesalers, Ministries of Health, National Medical Stores, and other partner organizations (such as international donors).

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with relevant experience in supplier relations, channel management, and supply chain management; specifically in the private (pharmaceutical, FMCG) or public sector (health related commodities).

The manager will be responsible for guiding the development of our global and country supply strategies, including development of new procurement models, such cross country coordination or pooled procurement; overseeing the successful execution of these strategies, and guiding the management of relationships with key  suppliers in and across countries.  The manager must have a detailed understanding of the challenges of in-country/national value chains in both the public and private sectors in a developing country setting, and be able to quickly develop an understanding of market dynamics for new categories of products (garment fabrication, plastics molding, re-packaging, etc.). In addition, the individual will provide overall support to country teams on all supply-related aspects of their local supply side strategy development and implementation (particularly as teams are not yet fully staffed up). The Regional Supply Market Development Manager will spend ~50% of his/her time travelling both internationally and domestically to ensure the successful delivery of the programs. Preferred base location is East Africa; alternative locations (such as the US) will be considered on a case by case basis for exceptionally qualified candidates.


  • Provide support to country teams to develop detailed supply and distribution strategies in public and private sectors, to improve availability and affordability of RMNCH commodities for target market segments.
  • Support country teams in cultivating strong relationships with strategic partners – including local pharmaceutical companies, distributors/wholesalers, and other key stakeholders to identify and capitalize on opportunities to rationalize/streamline supply chains in a sustainable manner.
  • Support negotiations between suppliers and CHAI country teams/national governments on drug pricing and other supply terms and conditions, and manage ongoing contractual relationships with various parties.
  • Develop and present business analyses (both qualitative and quantitative) to inform CHAI’s work
  • Analyze and map end-to-end supply chains and their cost structures, identify key decision makers and potential inefficiencies.
  • Identify and implement key metrics to monitor the performance of the distribution systems
  • Engage CHAI’s scientific experts to provide technical support on matters related to optimizing drug formulations, sourcing of competitively priced raw materials/API, and matters related to drug quality
  • As needed, provide support to broader strategy development and implementation to country teams and ensure sharing of key information and insights across countries and partners.
  • Represent CHAI to the global health community, private-sector partners, and government officials to facilitate project development and implementation.
  • Build capacity as needed within the various stakeholders including CHAI country teams, Governments and Private Sector actors.


  • Minimum 5 years supplier management, channel management, supply chain and   distribution related work experience, with a focus of working in Africa, ideally in the pharmaceutical or Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) fields.
  • Exceptional strategic development skills; ability to be a thought leader amidst substantial ambiguity and changing circumstances
  • Strong management skills, experience with managing complex projects with remote teams.
  • Exceptional analytical (quantitative and qualitative) and communication (written and verbal) skills, including the ability to communicative effectively with people of varied professional / cultural backgrounds
  • Demonstrated success in coordinating partners and developing strong relationships in order to drive a multi-stakeholder process
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and strong self-motivation
  • Strong desire to work in a fast-paced, limited-structure, high-pressure, multicultural environment
  • Ability to be effective in high-pressure situations, handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and set priorities
  • Ability to rapidly absorb and synthesize a broad range of information, including technical information
  • Detail-oriented with strong organization skills


  • Experience working in East Africa
  • Familiarity with East African pharmaceutical/consumer markets.

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Compensation: $50,000 – $60,000

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