Program Manager, Health Financing, Mbabane, Swaziland

Founded in 2002, by President William J. Clinton, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to strengthening integrated health systems around the world and expanding access to care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and other illnesses. Based on the premise that business-oriented strategy can facilitate solutions to global health challenges, CHAI acts as a catalyst to mobilize new resources and optimize the impact of these resources to save lives, via improved market organization, management support, and strategic use of data to inform evidence-based, cost-effective policies and programs.  By working in association with governments and other NGO partners, CHAI is focused on large-scale impact.

Summary of Position

CHAI seeks a Health Financing Program Manager based in Swaziland to help the Government of Swaziland (GoS) address funding shortfalls and challenges with their health-related activities.

In Swaziland, CHAI has partnered with Swaziland’s Ministry of Health (MoH) on health financing initiatives intended to address funding challenges through the identification, quantification and implementation of the following:

  1. Efficiency opportunities aimed to realise maximum impact from existing financing sources 
  2. Financial management processes aimed to improve budgeting and planning
  3. Traditional and innovative financing mechanisms aimed to raise funds for the health sector 
  4. Health Financing Strategy aimed to create long term sustainability within the health sector

The Program Manager will lead CHAI’s work in health financing by providing strategic advice to the Ministry of Health (MoH) through targeted used of data. The Program Manager will quantify funding needs and challenges that will help the government make informed health financing decisions.  The Program Manager will work closely with the MoH, providing support in government budgeting and other projects. He/she will manage a team of approximately two to five staff that interacts with senior leaders in the MoH, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and Ministry of Economic Planning and Development (MoEPD) as well as donors, NGOs, and civil society organisations.

This position will have direct and immediate impact on the lives of thousands of patients. It presents an opportunity to work closely with a Government that is committed to finding opportunities for sustainable financing of the health sector, providing strategic advice and developing tools that will deliver improved healthcare for the people of Swaziland.


  • Identify critical hurdles to improving access to health financing, both short-term and long-term, and implement innovative strategies to address them in collaboration with government and non-government stakeholders
  • Develop clear operational plans for execution of program aims, and continually identify and implement opportunities for CHAI to add value and maximize impact
  • Collaborate with government at national and sub-national levels throughout planning and implementation phases to ensure skills transfer and government ownership, and provide technical support as needed
  • Manage a team that will provide technical support the Ministry of Health in areas including, but not limited to:
    • Quantify current costs of providing health interventions at the national and facility level
    • Quantify and map funding needs, both present and future, and identify funding gaps
    • Implement and assess opportunities for resource mobilization, both domestic and external, including innovative financing approaches
  • Review specific funding channels to identify potential areas of inefficiencies and implement opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness of health interventions
  • Ensure execution of multiple program interventions simultaneously along aggressive timelines
  • Work to manage program budgets
  • Manage and coach team to ensure everyone is working towards the same objectives, and ensure coordination with other teams in the CHAI country office
  • Liaise closely with technical partners in government to monitor and evaluate interventions against objectives and targets, bringing in technical expertise when needed
  • Develop strong working relationships with key stakeholders in government, international partners, donors and NGOs, and ensure coordination of resources and efforts
  • Work with the Global Health Financing Team to ensure CHAI's resources and expertise are fully leveraged to meet needs in-country


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master's degree in Economics, Finance, Business or a related field and at least 5 years of professional experience in the private or public sector, with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership
  • Exceptional diplomatic and interpersonal skills, and able to build strong professional relationships with a range of stakeholders in a challenging, multi-cultural environment
  • Ability to work independently and effectively in high-pressure, fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously whilst mentoring a team to perform consistently
  • Strong communication skills, including the ability to prepare compelling presentations
  • Demonstrated strong analytical, organizational, leadership, and problem solving skills
  • High levels of proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and internet applications


  • Experience working on health related issues in resource-limited settings, and working in a multicultural office environment
  • Knowledge of health financing, health systems strengthening, and/or global healthcare systems
  • Understanding of Global Fund proposal development process as well as other donor funding mechanisms and processes (e.g., IHP, SWAp, etc.)
  • Experience working with recipient country governments and international partners in country
  • Work experience in management consulting, finance, accounting and similar private enterprises, or in economics and public-sector financing

Location: Mbabane, Swaziland

Minimum Years of Experience: 5+

Preferred Level of Education: Masters

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