Introduction to Global Health Online Course

Introduction to Global Health aims to introduce the principles and scope of global health and health-related development strategies.

The course, offered by the MSc Epidemiology program of the UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University, introduces participants to the history, origins and current trends in global health. It addresses health-related development strategies, such as the Millennium Development Goals, considering social determinants of health and health equity. Focusing on the principles of global health, participants will learn about the concepts on measurement of health, demographic trends, burden of disease, and epidemiological transition. Further topics addressed include global health governance, key institutions and their agendas, roles and responsibilities and international partnerships for research and development.

You can study this online course through Elevate Health the online academy initiated by Utrecht University and the University Medical Center that aims to increase knowledge and understanding of health sciences among professionals.

For more information about this online course visit Elevate Health’s website

Enrolment deadline: 06 Jan 2014

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